Combat Flight Simulator 3 Trailer

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Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 Trailer please take a look :


Wolf Pilot says:

really the German fighter ar the end never saw action real yes used in action no

Altrote100 says:

WTH???? First thing the oxy mask was usding from 1942.
2º That are not missile, ARE ROCKET!!!!! meaby you need read more about that

spi0000 says:

everybody is commenting about the missile-rocket-facts on ww2, and missing the point! Guys I think I saw a stealth or U.F.O or something at the end of the trailer!!!!

Goldenbullet96x says:


lego473 says:

sure do know your WW2 stuff….not to be mean

MrDemonicPineapple says:

They were not missiles, but rockets. Rockets run forward until they run out of fuel or power. Their path is predestined. Missiles on the other hand, use radar, live-feed-maneuvering or heat seeking abilities (IR-tracking) to seek and destroy their targets.

MrDemonicPineapple says:

There were no missiles in WW2 of the modern standard. Ballistic missiles are something entirely different. Radar – and heat seeking missiles are inventions of the last half of the 20th century.

lego473 says:

they had masks and missles its not the 18th centry

FrancoBT3Gene says:

There are not missiles, there are rockets and the german didnt deploye the missiles

epicguy103 says:

“Like some kind of bad outta hell.” I can aggree, tge Gotha Go 229-A was a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

Darline Puntleitner says:

Its still surprise me, just how lot of people have no idea about Proxoneth Simulator (google it), although many people play this amazing flight simulator. Thanks to my mate who told me about Proxoneth Simulator, I can have realistic flying experience without actually getting onto a plane

Brad Lepley says:

Remember Blow the Bridge

deadlynightmare23 says:

ww 2 is when they invented missiles ww1 is when they used bombs but i cant explain why they have stealth bombers with themthat was created 100 years after the war <:(

AtomicHamburger1 says:

Go say that to the 1 million dead French and British civilians killed by v-1 and v-2 ballistic high altitude missiles. Also those where rockets which just about every plan was given because they where cheap and handled tanks well. I bet you think the jets where fake to even though jets where invented in the 1930’s and mass produced by the late 1940’s. And yes they had mask other wise pilots could not with stand the G-force. All the mask is is a scuba tank built in the plane dumb fuck.

red100330 says:

@wbrmddy yes i mean it for me its all about realism the more realistic a flight simulator the better. btw! i am continuously playing this addicting game which i got 5 days ago, even my son has clocked over 20 hours in the air and is starting to pick up proflight simulation tricks. I think you will love it here is the link =>

Sunny Champ says:

@lwgtyxo yes. Getting addicted to this proflight simulator. while simulating feels like I am in the air and this game really turns me up playing whole night and day 🙂 you can also get it here if you love to fly!

HighAnders says:

I liked the campaign at CFS2 and i think it’s much more original, my opinion 🙂 But this game is also pretty good 😉

sspope says:

How was it a step backwards? It had so much more content?
Also, this game was released 4 years before IL-2 1946. So much for going backwards.

sspope says:

What makes you think so? Imo, this game is much bigger. I has dynamic campaigns which equal endless amounts of fan and graphics are great even by today’s standards.

HighAnders says:

Good game, but i think CFS2 is much better

UltraGamer77 says:

can u play without a joystick? like with the arrows?

TheTenthDimesion says:

they had masks and rockets

Anton Becker says:

This is WW2. Not the stoneage.

Portmanlover says:

Since your saying its realistic, the German Airplaines have to be better, cause they were.
US Planes were Strong, but not as aguile and lethal as the German once.

Treetop64 says:

Second half of the video was pretty cool. To bad the game itself was a step backward from CFS2, and innumerable steps backward from IL-2 1946.

mayday92g says:

A very good game, with many aircrafts and realistic! But infortunatly german planes (in the game) are much better than allies’…

miketheskibum425 says:

The Thunderbolts (Republic P-47) between 1943 and 1945 carried up to ten 5 inch FFAR rockets. It’s okay to be wrong, but you gotta admit when you don’t entirely know what you’re talking about.

TheKingtiger501 says:

Its Horten Ho-229

StalkerPoul says:

They had missiles, but they was only used to destroy tanks

SptifireAce says:

the trailer looked promising but it’s such a ugly game

athfuhshgh says:


Sam Neft says:

youre an idiot. there were masks invented because the planes were not pressurized. There were also missiles. They weren’t guided at all but they were missiles all the same. Try to base your comments off facts.

KweetnGinne says:

It would be great if the graphics were at least half as good as they show in the trailer…

Philipp F says:

WRONG!! the bitish had no missiles only the germans had, idiot.

chpman2013 says:

you obviously don’t know squat about WWII Aerial Combat….1st off, they did have masks, how else would they have been able to fly at such high altitudes without flowing oxygen? and secondly, those weren’t missiles, those were rockets

m4rcell0123 says:

Actually, they had masks, and they had missiles =S do ever studied WW2 or read something about it ? lololol !

ClassicalEra says:

you lack historical knowledge.

ClassicalEra says:

lol good point.

crayz745 says:

sucks it never was finished 🙁

sircatoa says:

they have rockets , and masks

Sultros Drunknsage says:

Ha the Horten shows up at the end… Nice

mercedesSlk666 says:

the name is Messerschimtt Me 262

mercedesSlk666 says:

maybe but it won’t be real… there was a nazi jet in ww2 i read about on wikipedia… search NAZI UFO and u will se the name of the jet. it was the terror of pilots

EpicWafflezXD says:

i feel sad because of his friend died 🙁

generalcircle says:

3:04 Wait a second? What the gods name? That tank like fired 2 rounds in under 3 seconds.

BorntoskateJr says:

2:50-3:03 that’s what she said

deadlock241 says:


Shegal1535 says:

“I cant shake him he’s locked on..” *continues to fly straight and level*

Bart Veldhuis says:

Horten Go 229 <3

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