combat flight simulator 3

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just showind some gameplay of microsoft combat flight simulator 3


jimbobiss says:

i love this video! every time i watch it i give it 5 star! how do u turn ur engine off if ur flying? plz som1 tell me thx! great vid!

Tyler DJdiddles says:

can u use modern jets like f-22’s or f-18’s?

ORANGE170 says:

looks prety gd am downloadin  the torent rite now !!!! xD

hellkid94 says:

how can u move the turrets in the b-26?

ZorbinEUR says:

why did they stop it man!!
i jus freakin bought
anwyays,r they goin to bring it bak up?

danielnaumoski2 says:

Esspessaly when i use my Joystick and the Stick like in a Real Plane, The Plane moves exatly 1 inch if you move it 1 inch exelent game!

1AeroMax1 says:

Very interesting thing in that “flight simulator” is, that Spitfire has Cessna’s 182 from FS98 engine sound! CFS 3 is one big shit, IL-2 is the best! Greetings from Poland.

NMAN900 says:

good vid

djjairi says:

Hi, do some1 have an idea how i can get my plane react as fast as yours or just a bit faster?
cuz my planes are steering veeeery slow, takes a while be4 they react.

i dont use a joystick, does that makes sense?

djjairi says:

Yes there is

Maximiliano Gonzalez says:

yo tengo ese juego y esta chido ,comprenlo!

y yo no tengo la habilidad en el juego como en el video q estoy viendo ,se ve q este chavo si sabe maniobrar bien el avion

pitbike345 says:

can u play this game on a laptop or is the memory and graphics to good ?
and can u change the views on the plane.
p.s is the game any good cos i want it but i dont know if it will be good. thanks

Master7770 says:

I own both this game and IL2 1946…this game sucks ass compaired to IL2.

Valkmir says:

what game? i don’t think there are anny new combat flight sims
i cant find anny annyways

coolmccool5 says:

3:39 – And here come the farmers with their pitchforks…

pepante says:

how do u change the camera???

hellkid94 says:

hey how do u move the top and tail turrets?(plz reply)

koolskater5 says:

IM SO PISSED THEY stoped ONline servers for this game, But at least we have single player…

magic9901 says:

I am using a joystick

launger says:

dlled it , and it rox 🙂

Fuier says:

yes but this games campaign is much better. you are in control of the war. what u decide to do can win or lose the war. plus i like the explosions in this game better then IL2

AdrianNtart says:

your wingmen in this game are such idiots! they do nothing! even if you tell them to atack

EDScool12345 says:

A new one came out in like 2006

Shawn Goelz says:

Is there free flight?

azerty125tu says:

are you moving whit the arrowsor a joystick

p.s. good movie

azerty125tu says:

are you move whit the arrows or a joystick? pls answer me back because you fling good i hope you can read this message i from belgium and can not very good english! xd 🙂

SP33D3Rz says:

this game is very detailed, but in graphic terms i prefer IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles

sk83rboyrulz says:

this guy is good i cant fly for crap

mahaoren says:

I play sturmovik with my friends some times and I think that looks better. And everyone can play Sturmovik since its so old. =)

Tovkal says:

Very good, you are killing pilots of your team ¬¬’

Peter Arthur Charles Lawrance says:

a spitfire is a beautiful plane (my favourite)but come on it cannot shoot down a Ho-1X jet the thing goes at 700 kmh

Tanim1993 says:

erm, mate, its a world war 2 combat sim. u wont be able to add f 15’s/16’s. the only reason u can do that with flight sim x is because u just add the neccessary files to the plane folders to FLY the planes. u wont even be able to find modern planes that are compatible with this game.

comidachinahuskys says:



il-2 sturmovik is better……but its like 6 years old and i got the demo it is more realistic than this

dirtbike485 says:

a “real” pilot calls them “real” aircraft

chazmeistro says:

nah, i think it has to be the keyboard or joystick, and the keyboard is HARD lol

hooch30 says:

hey i was thinking about getting this game, and first i would like to know is their “real” scenery based on real landscapes as in flight simulator x and also can you add planes like f-15’s and 16’s??

wolf1010 says:

Cool video, your not getting the best frame rate but oh well 🙂

y559djr says:

u can play it with a mouse but its a realy bad way to play the game
my advice get da joystick!

xsun2 says:

learn how to spell and yes

xParty7x says:

A “Real” pilot flies “real” aeroplanes!

datapad says:

i always use bombers to attack ground targets. but nice vid

Hipac01 says:

here here

sushimanjr says:

at 319, why are the people waisting flak on your plain, its obvoilsy either stalled out or crashing when it starts the fall

maxwel2006 says:

eu nunca vi

4jtfn9e4 says:

somebody can tell me where i can downlaod it?

Bjoern846 says:

And, in order to keep his guns from melting, he doesn’t fire every round he has in one burst – at least he would wait until he is within the range of his target.

pierrevqx says:

a real pilote uses the cockpit vew!

Gauntlets says:

I think that if they make another CFS that they should deviate away from the WWII thing and become more modern. That’s what the Call of Duty series is doin… my opinion though.
Nice vid, btw.

CountArtha says:

I liked the Mustang better than the Spitfire. And I liked the P-55 better than everything!

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