Combat Flight Simulator

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Hi! This my video of using Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator! I’m in a RAF Hawker Hurricane trying to win against the enemies! This is also my first video for fab3! PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS CHANNEL AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝


Frank Leonardo says:


Hélio Marques says:

I always preferred the first CFS. It’s way better than the others. The other games seemed kind of childlike… I don’t know why CFS2 and CFS3 were so much worse that the fist one. And I never understood why they didn’t kept on with the series.

txoptimusbob says:

I got this at a garage sale, and it worked with joystick on my dads computer. 3!years later, when I got my computer, the joystick didn’t work.

Krista Talbott says:

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Szellerie says:

Installed this on my W7 PC a minute ago, and I felt my childhood coming back bit by bit. Unfortunately it wouldnt regognize my joystick, neither was controlling the plane with the keyboard successful. It just went all over the place. Shame really, cause this is one of my favorite games ever and I just wanted to give it a shot(lol get it)..

owner876 says:

I’m looking for a game I used to play as a kid. It was a WW2 plane game with an allied and axis pilots standing in the menu screen.

Giampymike says:

che figata.. avevo questo gioco a 12 anni 😀

insanityawakens says:

This was one of only 2 games I ever enjoyed on PC. I think Desert Storm might have been the other one. It came out about the same time (i think)

Gerald Hicks says:

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nathan dereje says:

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P-40B,hawker typhoon,(F-35 with working flaps) yak 1D, yak 3U,B-17G SBD Dautless,spitfire MKVB,Early huriccane MKII and Huricanne MKIIC

1000000minecraft says:

go on a mutyplayer game so we can play

TheCCrunner98 says:

I LOVED this game so much I played it until my Joystick literally fell apart.

I <3 Combat Flight Simulator

ivalleyonline says:

I remember playing this for hours and hours. Memories! Any idea on the best WWII flightsim today?

TRiiKzZ1CoD says:

wow your comment was three years ago i.e. 2009 awsome
by the way u have 14,706 views now !

Starlight764 says:

wow this game introduced me to the wonders of online gaming way back in 1999… P51 was the best plane – if you could handle it 🙂

Asgard Saint says:


tjb234567 says:

Interesting bit of info here; if you stalk the 109’s they actually land somewhere on the French coast

smackmyyack says:

Can you get these simulators for mac?

UltraGamer77 says:

Where can i get this game??

UltraGamer77 says:

What game is this??

Fastbikkel says:

Waht i liked most about this game was the sound of the p51 in cockpit, in stereo. The roar of the engine was really impressive.

Hindustan67 says:

Now try this same feat using normal guns limited ammo and limited fuel, as real as it gets 🙂
PS: Sent U a message on Channel Feed regarding 64bit machines.

TheMohguy says:

hey um im having some trouble with the joystick on this game when i play it on my vista i cant play it on my xp cuz its so damaged it wont work these games any more everything else seems to work fine when i play this game on vista except for the joystick it wont respond i have calibrated it assigned a control to turn it on and off unpluged it and pluged it back in it didnt comewith any hardware so i dont think i can trouble shoot it but the joystick works fine on all my other flying games

Laconai says:

omg I used to love this game when I was a kid.. I would spend hours on it till my mum told me to get off lol!!

Brengor69 says:

I went on some forums to find a somultion… I saw something interesting but didn’t try it yet. Have ye managed the CFS2 and CFS3 on a 64 bit machine? I got an i5 AMD and not sure those games are gonna run as they might be only 32 bit compatible.

BobbyPlane6252 says:

thx i’m 14 yrs old now, and i remember making this vid and it brings back such great memories :’)

BobbyPlane6252 says:

Thx for all the views, likes, and comments! There greatly appreciated! This vid brings back great memories to 🙂

BobbyPlane6252 says:

Thx! I’m 14 yrs old now and this game brings back alot of good memories :’)

Hindustan67 says:

Lemme guess you had gun set to unlimited right? First pass you should be out of bullets :-)….nice job though brings back some old memories. Wish still could use that game on Windows 7 64 bit with a working joystick.

DJAYCE37 says:

freaking loved this game when I was a kid

jojimbo44 says:

OMG this bought back some memories, thanks for that

werinajs says:

Cao hey ​​it plays around me I have to play through the arrow and how to play de thee me it does not please email me as the ladies as a de thee

kevrachel1 says:

Ahhhhh, how we have come a long way since then!

IvoryK2 says:

no, we had no parachutes that time lol.

but ,good time , we had, all of pilots are matured and gentle, better thasn cfs2 or cfs3. we always helped each other, and discussed how to play. it was 12 years ago.

4lchi says:

did cfs 1 has parachutes?

legoguy883 says:

i have this game

cubfan96 says:

i used to have Combat Flight Simulator 1 and regular flight simulator 98 all on windows 98 when i was a little kid on my gateway computer…. ahhh those were the days 🙂

youbrush says:

Where i Can download it?

momo54710 says:

CFS 1 rocks !

Echeque5 says:

– I used to fly Combat Flight Simulator 1 and with the FW-190, I could make mincemeat out of the Hawker’s…or anything else for that matter! lol The Hawker is slow as molasses, lacks firepower, has a very poor rate of climb and everything aft of the cockpit is WWI technology wood, wire and cloth, making it easy to shoot the tail off of a Hawker. lol :)

28thBobbyplane says:

This is cfs1 lol!

28thBobbyplane says:


P51F86F4F15F22 says:

if u put a Me109 in a dive its so hard to pull out of it u have to down ur flaps and shut off the power

Alanblack277 says:

Combat Flight Simulator 2 oCombat Flight Simulator 3

snipeefox says:

i play cfs3, on xp it looks terrific

FiveAwesomeBrits4 says:

Please go to the new fab this one was hacked.

FiveAwesomeBrits4 says:

Don’t subscribe to this one this channel was hacked! Go to the new fab by clicking my username.

FiveAwesomeBrits4 says:

i no I will try to find the hacker.

yuktuki28 says:

hacked fab3 wow this is fucked up we have gotta get this guy!!!

BobbyPlane6252 says:

The fucking hacher hacked fab again! I’m going to find that peace of shit.

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