Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog – Gameplay

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Drew, Vinny, and Dave get back in the cockpit. Anybody know how to fly this thing? Learn more about Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog at What Is =================== Giant Bomb is one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2011. We’re into Trackmania, Hulkamania, viewers like you. ‪


MrEmerchua says:

Fighting fire with fire 😀

Daniel Wanst says:

Yeah but their not as funny.

itztimmy9900 says:

They all in the same room?

Mads højvang jakobsen says:

Atleast he made it move!

Máté B says:

Gin is 37.5% and the plane is using a GAU-8.

UkMetro says:

as soon as they get power “quick pull the ejector seat, pull the ejector seat” hahaha

ndefeated says:

whats up baracko

Joakim Wiik says:

They said it at the end of the fucking video, OMG

mrusa4440 says:

By the time the pilot goes over the book with the crew chief, does the walk around, man up and strap in, start-up and pre-launch system checks a non-combat launch takes about 20 minutes.

bee98bh says:

The gin is a 30mm gau12 cannon
No hydrolic pressure means no flaps so you cant turn the plane or close the canopy

Noah Agosta says:

did i just watch 35 minutes of some retards trying to turn on a plane?

TheEchoVoodoo says:

It a available on Steam

Micantropo78 says:

online on digitalcombatsimulator(dot)com

1drankshampoo says:


mindsoulbody says:

wrong. they have a detailed information section of this gun on a-10 plane that explains how much ‘drag’ force you get when you fire it. You CAN fire it for long time but you loose speed on average of 2-3 miles every sec. Going at 2-300 miles an hour or higher, this means you don’t have to worry about it. PLUS you don’t have much time to nose-dive and kill a target for more than few sec to min. So no, overall, it does not stall.

mindsoulbody says:

for one who knows every step, should be about 5-10 min.

ovis63 says:

I was expecting you to say “kill it with freedom”, but whatever…

bloomard says:

just out of curiosity, how long does it really take to power up a A-10?

octupus6 says:

…because a couple of average joes don’t know how to pilot a military grade jet?

Oh yes, for shame these pitiful fools!

DayZHellrazors says:

the trajectory of those rounds are so powerful that if you fire bursts longer then 2 seconds you have a chance of stalling 😉 gau-8 my favorite cannon by far

Michael Fase says:

is it that hard to read the title of the video, or read the description which contains a link to the game website, or watch the video (1:02:33).

TheBrothersRealm says:

whats the simulator called

tadwollop says:

Hold on…. is that a lighter port toward the top of the screen at 3:40??

Ocelot0408 says:

I was facepalming hard alot in this video.

NPMproductions13 says:


Necrotwilly says:

VSTOL = vertical and/or short take-off and landing

FSXtremeVideos says:


siddharththecoool says:

he is laughing like chuck norris lol

Colton Blumhagen says:

Orders acknowledged Mr. President! Should we call China and let them know we are killing one of their men?

hardware199 says:

Does anybody know when a UAV DCS will be released? Because a UAV is on the banner on the DCS main page.


Full screen is in the options, or try alt/tab together, it works for most games for me. Hope it helps.

زكريا منقارة says:

How do I put the game in full screen. When I fly its in windowed mode and its annoying!!

Barack Obama says:

Kill it with fire.

gamesta5646123 says:

and it’s only vtol-vertical takeoff and landing

StargateFan2389 says:

No, you are thinking of the Harrier. 😀

NovaFilms6 says:


Cody Cromarty says:

I’m imagining the guys literally all sitting around the cockpit pulling levers and shit and trying to figure out how to fly an A-10 for real.

AdventureInventor123 says:

@Theresa Seah Oh EVERYONE knows that.
Try this game!
giantbomb . com / digital-combat-simulator-a-10c­-warthog /
I waste ALL my time on it! Check it out!

AdventureInventor123 says:

@GuessArmy Oh EVERYONE knows that.
Try this game!
giantbomb . com / digital-combat-simulator-a-10c-warthog /
I waste ALL my time on it! Check it out!

coolmanqaw says:

@travman4475 l

p0wer5000 says:

oh okay =) You are welcome then.

thegamersfromschool says:

kill it kill it before it lays eggs

Djiony23 says:

The a 10 has a tank piercing minigun

travman4475 says:

Well, they did a whole lot better than NerdCubed did…

Jeff S says:

That was really funny. Been toying with buying this game forever but I don’t want to get another one of those bulky and mostly useless yoke controllers =(


aznboykillya says:

I didn’t learn a thing from this video, but it did entertained me.

dubstepandbassbeats says:

what joystick did you use for this?

Kyle Falkenberg says:

im just sayin,my dads in the wild hogs,ive seen that nose art

Kai Tendo says:

Watched the whole video, fullscreened! Congrats you guys, amazing 😀

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