Airplane landings on Madeira Island during windy weather. Considered to be one of the 8th most dangerous airports for landings.
Best Airplane Cockpit View Landing Compilation.\r\rHere you have the best cockpit view landing. Let us know your thoughts down below and thanks for all the support! Dont forget to subscribe our channel.\r\r00:00 Tel Aviv TLV / LLBG Airbus A321 morning landing on rwy 12\r01:02 Paris CDG / LFPG Airbus A320 Cockpit view landing 27R\r02:04 KLM Boeing 747 Cockpit view landing\r03:09 Toulouse TLS / LFBO Airbus A320 Cockpit view landing rwy 32L\r04:09 LH Cargo MD11F Landing in Hong Kong\r05:43 Paris CDG / LFPG Airbus A321 Landing 26L\r\rWhat To Watch Next:\r\rOporto Airport Landing: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Boeing [More]
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